Malawi appoints Bobby K. Kalotee ‘Liaison Envoy’

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Malawi appoints Bobby K. Kalotee ‘Liaison Envoy’

President Joyce Banda of the Republic of Malawi has appointed a prominent Indian American Bobby K. Kalotee as Malawi’s “Liaison Envoy” to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. President said Bobby will be the bridge to fill in the gap between Malawi and the South Asian Countries. It’s an endeavor to rebuild Malawi’s economy. The Government of Malawi has instituted a recovery program called Malawi Economic Recovery Program (ERP). This is an economic road map that has identified five strategic sectors that collectively constitute the driver of the Economic Recovery Process.

The President added Malawi being an Agro Based economy, agriculture is at the heart of the program as it seeks to fully commercialize and industrialize the sector.

President is confident that Bobby will utilize the knowledge he gained growing up in the farmland of Punjab (Punjab is known to be the bread basket of India). President has sent a directive to all embassies of Malawi in South Asian Region to assist the new Envoy in achieving “our goals for the best interest of Malawians”. Jack Brewer former NFL legend and presently Senior Advisor to Hon. President Joyce Banda read out the Letter of Appointment to the attendees at the special function held in Long Island to celebrate the appointment.

The appointment letter, inter alia, said,” Bobby’s goal will be to facilitate relationships and make improvements in the area of Agriculture and health care in Malawi”. Bobby K. Kalotee said he humbly accepted the honor which “the President, the People and the Government of Malawi have bestowed on me.” He said, “I will devote and work hard to assist and help Malawi to achieve the goals of the President’s initiatives.

I ask all my fellow South Asians to graciously join me in this humanitarian effort to empower the People of Malawi in the field of agriculture and health care. Just as Punjab has become the agricultural pinnacle of India and Pakistan, they will be used as a model to show the people of Malawi how to achieve the same”. Bobby firmly believes that Malawi can be the bread basket of south east Africa. The special event was attended by over 400 People, with over 25 prominent leaders from different communities who spoke and echoed similar feelings about Bobby’s charitable disposition.

At times of crises, such as the earthquake, floods or other natural disasters anywhere in the world, Bobby was at the forefront with containers of clothes, food, blankets, medicine, tents and basic items for kids at the time of their needs. NYC Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio was the guest of Honor.