Dr. Bobby Kalotee

International Politico

We at International Politico believe politics in the world do not end on the each country border lines. World is much smaller and closer to each of us thanks to the new technology and social media. No matter where you live our problems and the solutions to those problems are similar.
One example if you are ill in Asia or North America to get well the treatment may be same. Another example is if you want a better life the goals to reach that are the same regardless of where you live. You must have a good education to advance and be competitive so you can have a better standard of living in an ever changing technological world. International Politico’s goal is to unite a divided society. By joining with International Politico you are helping us to establish a way for “united we stand divided we fall” against corruption, poverty, unemployment, and hatred so everyone who dreams to live free, do better and enjoy the family in a peaceful and prosperous world. Religion teaches us how to be loving, caring and peaceful. As we all try to practice our core principals of life, peace and prosperity to make a better tomorrow so we can eliminate animosity towards each other. United we can overcome our differences as long as we have respect for each other. International Politico’s message is very simple, lets stand united against any violence, corruption or prejudice. It is our moral responsibility to protect the future of our children from the calamitous environment of today. Peace is more powerful than violence. We believe we come from one country and that name is humanity. Those who are blessed to have it all must not forget to assist others. It is their moral responsibility.

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